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About AzBAS

AzBAS is the exclusive steering group for sustainability in Arizona. Our members build a powerful collaborative group creating a focal point for all sustainability resources, best practices, and industry updates. AzBAS provides members the benefit of updates and involvement in external sustainability organizations without the commitment of membership in multiple organizations. AzBAS provides education to legislators and funding for sustainability related research projects to advance sustainability in Arizona.

 AzBas is a collective of companies and organizations that are actively involved and providing input regarding their specific sector, bringing value to the fellow members of the organization, as well as receiving value. AZBAS is a central point for key sustainability decision makers, including executives and high level individuals to keep up to date with industry without requiring the time and commitment of joining every organization. This group provides leadership to the AZ industry by making best practices publicly available, spearheading research activities, advising leaders regarding the impact of current and proposed legislation, and building collaboration between Arizona businesses.

Note: AzBAS membership is geared to those individuals who want to actively participate in an organization to provide real time data that can be used to improve sustainability benchmarking efforts, and is not meant to have a sales and marketing focus. AzBAS has a close relationship with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and it may be worthwhile to investigate membership there as well.

Founded by Intel Corporation and APS

Co-sponsor with Arizona Investors Council of Climate Change Seminar.

Officially organized into a nonprofit.

AzBAS enters into collaboration agreement with Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

AzBAS partners with Arizona Manufacturers Council and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce to host the 2015 Environmental and Sustainability Summit

AzBAS restructures to accommodate the expansion of sustainability within industries and increase the value add to its members.

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Now that you know about us, we want to get to know you. Find out how you can get involved with our work today!

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We’re involved with everything involving sustainability for Arizona Businesses. AzBAS is the exclusive steering group for sustainability in Arizona.

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We hold regular meetings that are open and you are more than welcome to see what we are all about. Check out our calendar of events.

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If you’re as passionate about sustainability as we are but you don’t have the time to¬†attend one of our events you can still make a difference with a monetary donation.

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