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AzBAS is the central point for key sustainability decision makers, including executives and high level individuals to keep up to date with industry without requiring the time and commitment of joining multiple organizations. We also provide leadership to the AZ industry by making best practices publicly available, spearheading research activities, advising leaders regarding the impact of current and proposed legislation, and building collaboration between Arizona businesses.


Members of AzBAS bring together a community with unique expertise, experience and offering a liaison with external sustainability related organizations.

Best Practices

As an AzBAS member, you have exclusive access to research, vetted best practices, metrics and methods to increase the sustainability of your organization.


AzBAS spearheads research to advance the understanding, implementation and measurement of sustainability practices in Arizona and around the globe.

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Joining Our Organization | What We Do

AzBAS is your central point for all things sustainable. With the hundreds of organizations relating to sustainability metrics, standards and programs, it is near impossible for most companies to be involved with each. However, every organization can provide unique input, information and even dictate the future of standards and regulations. AzBAS solves this problem by bringing each of these organizations to a focal point, in a single organization. This will allow you and your company to save money, time and focus on implementing your internal sustainability initiatives.


AzBAS membership is open to all private and public businesses, governments and organizations located in or doing business within in Arizona. Member organizations have a common goal of advancing sustainability through education, leadership and collaboration. Members are expected to represent a liaison to another sustainability related organization. Members are actively involved and provide input regarding their specific sector, with the goal being that members bring value to the organization as well as receive value. AzBAS membership includes a broad range of industry sectors, governmental and NGO individuals; each representing various standards boards, certification schemes, metric evaluation programs and more. Entities not eligible for membership can participate as affiliates.

Latest News From AzBAS

Sundt Preconstruction Project Manager Dan Osterman has been named to the Environmental Leader 75 (EL75) list by, a source of news and best practices for commercial and industrial environmental professionals.

The EL 75 is a list of the top 75 executives in each business vertical (environmental and energy) as selected by the editorial and management team at Business Sector Media, based on applications supplied by the individual, a peer, co-worker, manager, vendor or customer. The program received so many nominations that it expanded from 50 to 75 recipients this year.

Dan, a LEEP AP® Building Design + Construction, became the first LEED AP at Sundt in October 2002. He was instrumental in getting the first 50 Sundt employee-owners started on their journey to becoming LEED APs, and in getting Sundt to join the USGBC as a national member; Sundt is a Silver Member.

“It is an honor to receive this award and be recognized as part of a group with other leaders who have been instrumental in initiating and keeping the sustainability fires going in their organizations,” Dan said.

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United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Heavy Medals Awards
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